About Us

Gloves Off

Regardless of your position in your chosen sport or if you’re a fan, we ALL want to win. When we leave the ice pad, pitch, track, ring, arena, gym or stadium, each and every one of us have our very own personal battles to overcome.

Athletes around the world, no matter what level struggle to find help in these situations. Due to the stigma that surrounds mental health it makes it an even tougher obstacle. Here at GLOVES OFF® we are creating and building a brand which symbolises courage and strength to help END THIS STIGMA!

We supply quality, affordable & customisable garments to the entire sporting world and have now opened a store in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland. Our brand is not only inspired by ice-hockey but the new store now provides hockey equipment too! We love to be motivational, ooze positivity and we have meaning.

Through time, hard work and your support, we aim to build TWO things:                                     

1. An apparel and accessories catalogue containing everything an athlete or sports fan could want, making sure to give the BEST possible service each and every time.             

2. Relationships with carefully chosen mental health organisations, helping to raise funds as well as awareness to fight mental health and provide professional help when we need it most.

GLOVES OFF®️ is a phrase used throughout the world. Whether it’s a physical or mental obstacle in your path that needs overcome, it’s GLOVES OFF®️ time!  Make a positive statement, chest out, shoulders back and show others around you, by wearing our merchandise that you may have been weak and needed help but are a fighter and when the time comes you are not afraid to get the GLOVES OFF®️ !!

“Going toe to toe on the ice was the easy part.The fight I faced every day off it, that was the one that required every bit of my strength!”  Scott Plews